Monday, June 21, 2010

Knowledge Divide

It is generally accepted world over that the coming century will be more driven by the power of knowledge. Resources and money would flow to those who will be more knowledgable. In this context if we see the output of our education system in vogue, we should get concerned. Only 10% of India's population gets higher education as of now. India does not have resources and abilities to ensure rapid growth in this number. This means that this individual centric educational systme will result into a clear cut division between those who have access to education and those who unfortunately do not have that. Those educated will have more claims on the production systems as they would be perceived to be more knowledgable due their education. This will result into a carrying forward of the inequality we have created when we used land and machines as principal tools of production. Equity will again allude us. Can we have sustainable peace and harmony in this kind of differentiating society? There is a time now for all of us to think. We need to change the basic structure of our education system. We need to develop a pattern of education which is more concentrated on the society as a whole and not on individual. The society as a whole needs to be educated and not only a few.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Community Education need to be developed as a specialised discipline

We have seen in the last sixty years since our independence that we could not make all the citizens truely literate in our country. Same is the story in every underdeveloped or developing country. If knowledge is going to be the principal tool for human development can we afford a large chunk of a population remaining iliterate? Wouldn't we be creating a different kind of Jamindari where educated people will get access to all the opportunities and those who couldn't get educated will be the subject matter of abject poverty and will remained deprived of opportunities. The system of education which is in vogue has not delivered to the fullest extent. Don't we need to evolve an education system which is community centric?